Through eight seasons, two networks, and over 250 episodes worth of history, hospitality consultant Jon Taffer has enjoyed a successful career as a reality TV personality via the series Bar Rescue. As the 2024 TV schedule has been the home of the currently airing ninth season on the Paramount Network, that milestone is something that even Taffer himself probably hadn’t seen coming. That’s even more interesting when taking into account that the man has such an eye for what doesn’t work in a restaurant. And, as he shared with CinemaBlend, he’s honed it to the point where he has three very specific tips for what to look out for when dining out that pretty much anyone can do.

Jon Taffer points at a patron from behind the bar during a visit on Bar Rescue.

(Image credit: Paramount Network)

What Are Jon Taffer’s Three Tips For Evaluating A Restaurant?

On behalf of the Paramount Network’s recent airing of Bar Rescue‘s 250th episode, Jon Taffer spoke with CinemaBlend to commemorate the occasion. And, as I spoke with the man who’s at the heart of one of the best reality TV series, he had the sort of exciting stories you’d expect from someone in such an intense, customer-facing industry.