On the May 28, 2024 edition of WWE NXT, Page surprised fans by making his debut for the company and he wasted little time in becoming a top star in NXT as he became the NXT Champion at Heatwave and he has now hit back at claims he got lucky at the event.

At WWE NXT Heatwave, Ethan Page won the NXT Championship by defeating Trick Williams, Shawn Spears, and Je’Von Evans in a Fatal Four-Way Match, shocking fans in the process.

While speaking in digital exclusive, Ethan Page commented on his win. He expressed confidence in his success, mentioning that he expected this outcome. He recalled his debut night when he attacked Trick Williams, noting that his first attempt didn’t go as planned. However, he learned from that experience, drawing on his 17 years of wrestling experience to quickly rise to the top and Page now considers himself the face of NXT.

“Well, most people would say it feels amazing, it feels great. But to be honest with you, I mean, I knew this was gonna happen. (Laughs) Six weeks. I walked in the first night, and I attacked who? Oh, that’s right, this bum’s name is still in this belt, and as soon I’m done with this interview, I’m gonna be getting these things changed. That’s right, I attacked Trick Williams. My first attempt didn’t really play in my favor. I clearly learned from my lesson since I’m a wily veteran of the game, and it took me 17 years to get to the WWE Universe and only six weeks to become champion. Now I’m the face of NXT. That’s what everyone’s saying, right?”

Page was also asked about the role of luck in his victory, given how he fell onto Evans for the winning pinfall. He stated that he earned the championship and would prove it by being a fighting champion. Page emphasized that he has worked hard for everything he has achieved over the past 17 years, and this championship is no different. He is determined to show that he is the man in NXT, not to silence doubters who claim he got lucky, but to demonstrate that “All Ego” was born to be a champion.

“You’re gonna say I got lucky? I earned everything I have in the last 17 years of my career. Tonight is no different. This championship is earned, and I’m gonna prove it. I’m going to be a fighting champion. I’m going to be the man in NXT, but not to prove it to you, people doubting me, saying things like, ‘Oh, you got lucky.’ No, ‘All Ego’ was born to be champion. Now, I finally have the hardware to prove it.”

We will have to wait and see how Ethan Page will be booked as the NXT Champion in the coming weeks, as it is quite clear that the company trusts him enough to make him the face of NXT.

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