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Vincent Middle School in Beaumont, Texas

Vincent Middle School in Beaumont, Texas

The company anticipates that it will take several days to fully restore power to customers impacted by Hurricane Beryl 

Entergy Texas crews are safely restoring power after heavy rain, strong wind gusts and lightning from Hurricane Beryl caused widespread outages Monday morning. As of 6:30 p.m., approximately 247,000 Entergy Texas customers are without power. 

A workforce of more than 1,300 damage assessors, vegetation crews, line workers, and support personnel have been mobilized to diligently restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Additional workers and special equipment have been requested to safely expedite restoration efforts. Estimated restoration times will depend on the severity of damage in the area, but the company anticipates that it will take several days to fully restore power. 

While damage assessments are still ongoing, initial reports show lightning, high winds and downed vegetation caused significant damage to Entergy Texas transmission equipment. A total of 34 substations lost power, which is a significant increase from the 17 substations without power around noon.  

Most of the weather from Hurricane Beryl has cleared the Entergy Texas service area. However, strong winds are expected to remain in the region until late evening.  

Safety is our number one priority. If you lose power, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Stay away from downed power lines and assume they are energized.  
  • Report an outage on the myEntergy site or call 1-800-9OUTAGE. There is no need to speak with a representative to report outages if completed online. 
  • Use your portable generator safely. DO NOT run it in enclosed spaces. Only connect your generator to the whole house if the connection was installed by a licensed electrician. This prevents back feed to the distribution system.  
  • Minimize opening refrigerator or freezer doors to keep food cold for longer. 
  • Please stay clear of line workers as they work to safely restore power. 
  • Don’t walk or drive through flood waters. Just six inches of moving water can knock you down, and one foot of water can sweep your vehicle away. 

Stay informed throughout the restoration process using the following resources: