star wars the first jedi

For this rebuttal to Mark Hamill’s statement to make any sense, we need to first recap Luke Skywalker’s actions as seen in The Last Jedi. The primary thing the actor seems to hate is that Luke became a hermit after Ben Skywalker recruited a handful of students and murdered the rest. Instead of chasing the young man down, rebuilding the Jedi Temple, or doing anything more proactive, Luke becomes a hermit, hiding from the galaxy until Rey shows up and he begins very reluctantly training her.

Major critics of The Last Jedi usually put Mark Hamill’s words about Luke Skywalker on a pedestal … the ultimate proof that the man behind the franchise’s greatest hero hates what Rian Johnson has done to Star Wars. And we would never begrudge the Hollywood icon for his opinion on his most famous character. But the more you watch Star Wars, the more it seems that Hamill is wrong and that Luke’s reactions are perfectly in character.