Screen shot from College Station ISD's YouTube channel.
Screen shot from College Station ISD’s YouTube channel.

For the first time in at least 46 years, College Station ISD has a new logo.

An explanation was given during the CSISD school board’s June 18th meeting.

Communications director Austin Dunson says the new logo follows other districts building their own identifiable brand.

Dunson says the new logo reflects CSISD’s mission statement of “Success: Each Life, Each Day, Each Hour”.

Dunson said a new version of CSISD’s gold star, where one side points inwards, represents the first sentence of the district’s vision statement.

Another side of the star, which points outward, represents another part of CSISD’s vision statement that also includes the district’s mission statement.

In addition to a new district wide logo, there are new logos for each CSISD campus and many of the district’s departments.

Click below to hear comments from Austin Dunson during the June 18, 2023 College Station ISD school board meeting.