One of the most popular emulator apps on iOS, Delta, has released its latest update for various iOS devices, and one of the most important is its iPad availability. Apart from being available on the iPad, it also brings the much-awaited multiple emulations feature that will allow users to play various retro games on the app without the need for another device. 

Additionally, Delta changed its app logo after Adobe threatened it with a massive legal threat regarding its similar-looking emblem. 

Delta iOS Update Brings iPad Version and its Multiple Emulation

Delta’s latest version 1.6 is now available for users via EU. It is still awaiting approval on the Apple App Store, which now delivers the much-awaited native iPad version. This massive upgrade also brings a new feature for the tablet centered on multiple emulation via its ‘Multiple Windows’ feature, which will allow users to play more games than one. 

(Photo : Riely Testut)

The iPad version allows gamers to enjoy multiple titles running on one device, meaning that users may play a game simultaneously. 

Apart from that, it also offers a Stage Manager or Split View experience with an iPhone and Handoff to continue the experience from iOS to iPadOS. 

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Delta Changes its Logo to Appease Adobe’s Complaint

Alongside this, Delta also announced the reworked version of its app logo, which now shows a detached triangle different from its previous logo and garnered threats from Adobe. This new version is now the finalized logo representing the app, showing three disconnected lines that create a new look designed by Caroline Moore. 

Delta and Its Massive Emulator Experience

After Apple announced that emulators would be allowed on the App Store for distribution in the EU and the entire world, many people were ecstatic about what it offers. Delta was among the first to deliver this experience, centering on a GBA and DS emulator, which was the app that stood out and remained available to users. 

The free app made waves, allowing gamers to play the nostalgic retro games they knew before or are only discovering now, thanks to iOS’ approval of these types of apps. It has also been a treat for gamers to enjoy retro gaming in an upgraded experience with the abundance of third-party accessories available and supported by Delta to expand more of its feels.

Riley Testut, Delta’s developer, later announced that a native iPad app will allow users to play the retro experience on a bigger screen, unlike Instagram’s iPhone app, which was ported for the tablet. Delta for iPad is now available for EU users to download and goes above and beyond with its multiple emulations feature, represented by its new logo. 

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