MILWAUKEE — Downtown Milwaukee is rapidly starting to look different as the Republican National Convention (RNC) gets closer. 

Setup at the Deer District are getting close to completion, from signage, fencing and even an outdoor stage. 

But in addition to signage, those who frequent Milwaukee can expect road closures, extra security measures and traffic delays. 

Elizabeth Grout with Bublr Bikes encouraged riders to plan their routes accordingly. 

“So Bublr is going to shut down 10 of our stations in the hard zone of the RNC only because bikes aren’t allowed in the hard zone,” said Grout. 

The following Bublr Bikes stations will be closed: 

  • 6th & Juneau station, 551 W. Juneau Avenue
  • Deer District station, 340 W. Highland Avenue
  • Fixers Forum station, 441 W. Juneau Avenue
  • MLK & State station, 285 W. State Street
  • Public Museum station, 800 W. Wells Street
  • Vel R. Phillips & Kilbourn station, 901 N. Vel R. Phillips Avenue
  • Vel R. Phillips & Wisconsin station, 799 Vel R. Phillips Avenue

She said the bikes not in use will be moved to other stations. Those who are not able to park near their offices or would need to go through additional security check points to get to their destination, could opt to use one of those bikes, she said. 

“All of our other stations across the city will be open. So if you’re trying to get downtown, Bublr is the great option to do that because you don’t have to get searched or anything,” said Grout. 

Many Wisconsinites who work in downtown Milwaukee, regardless of how they get to work, said they plan on giving themselves extra time during the RNC. 

Ozzy Ornelas has worked downtown for more than two decades. He’s unsure how the RNC will impact his work schedule, so he plans on going with the flow.

“I intend to come to the office, then possibly have to leave early, work from home,” said Ornelas. “We’ll see.”

He said plans on giving himself extra time getting to work. 

Find a Bublr Bikes station location near you, here.