Jeremy Irons, the iconic voice of The Lion King’s Scar and a celebrated actor, faced an unexpected hurdle pretty early in his acting career. Despite his mind-bending talent, one of his tutors once told him that he’d never become an actor. This bold claim seemed to have broken down Irons’ spirit, but he kept fighting.

Jeremy Irons as John Tuld from Margin Call | Myriad Pictures

Today, we all know who Jeremy Irons is. It’s remarkable how someone who faced such doubt early on would later captivate audiences with such mastery!

From “Wrong Face” to Hollywood Icon: The Jeremy Irons Journey Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt in the TV Series Watchmen | Warner Bros. Television

Imagine being told you have the “wrong face” for acting. This is probably the harshest criticism that Oscar winner Jeremy Irons may have faced.

Irons, who captivated audiences with films like Reversal of Fortune…