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Sister of man found dead on I-65 speaks out; second loss for family in 4 months

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Mtlpresse >> News Info >> Sister of man found dead on I-65 speaks out; second loss for family in 4 months

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – The last time Myra Prease recalls speaking to her brother — was the morning he got out of Metro Jail. 52-year-old Alphonce Campbell was released around 10:30 a.m. June 21st.

“I had just spoken to him around 11 or something — telling me he was happy he was out of jail and he was telling me the things he wanted me to do for him… I said okay — I love you … I love you… Take care — stay out the way,” recalled Myra.

Six days later — she would get another call — saying Alphonce was found dead in the area of northbound I-65 between I-10 and Government Boulevard. His remains were found by lawn crews.

“The first question everybody asked me — when they were reaching out with their condolences you know — and it was very overwhelming — I really appreciate it. Their question was — Myra — how did he get way out there,” said Myra.

Myra says anyone who knew her brother — knows he didn’t have a car — and stayed in a small area of Prichard’s Main Street and St. Stephens Road. While she and others believe the car that hit him was an accident — they have serious questions about how and why he was so far away from Prichard. She says they’ve taken those concerns to Mobile Police now investigating his death.

“My concern is — how and why did he get to the other end of past Tillman’s Corner — that’s not his jurisdiction — that’s not Alphonce. He doesn’t ride no bicycle — he doesn’t drive a car… He ain’t really going to get in a car with nobody — unless he gets in the car with his son or a family member,” explained Myra. “We believe he was walking back to Prichard after being dropped off there.”

This is just the latest deadly tragedy the family has had to endure. You may remember — we spoke to the family back in April — following the death of Adrian Mitchell, who was shot and killed outside a motel in Prichard following a fight. His case is still unsolved.

“I want answers — my heart is like it’s just empty,” said Myra.

Tremendous loss — magnified times two — has the quest for justice and answers weighing heavy on Myra and her family.

“Lee: Do you feel like you are going to get those answers? — Myra: I stand strong in my faith and my walk with God. Yes, I do. I honestly do — I’m going to keep fighting. I’m going to keep standing for my family members. Until the truth prevails itself — justice is going to prevail. It’s just when… It’s just when,” said Myra.

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