Jeremy Irons, the iconic voice of The Lion King’s Scar and a celebrated actor, faced an unexpected hurdle pretty early in his acting career. Despite his mind-bending talent, one of his tutors once told him that he’d never become an actor. This bold claim seemed to have broken down Irons’ spirit, but he kept fighting. 

Jeremy Irons as John Tuld
Jeremy Irons as John Tuld from Margin Call | Myriad Pictures

Today, we all know who Jeremy Irons is. It’s remarkable how someone who faced such doubt early on would later captivate audiences with such mastery!

From “Wrong Face” to Hollywood Icon: The Jeremy Irons Journey

Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt
Jeremy Irons as Adrian Veidt in the TV Series Watchmen | Warner Bros. Television

Imagine being told you have the “wrong face” for acting. This is probably the harshest criticism that Oscar winner Jeremy Irons may have faced. 

Irons, who captivated audiences with films like Reversal of Fortune and voiced the iconic Scar in The Lion King, wasn’t always celebrated for his talent. In a Telegraph interview, Irons revealed what his tutor once told him: 

(Irons) has the wrong-shaped face, the wrong diction. If I can get you to stand up straight you might look quite tasty on the side of the stage.

Without a shadow’s doubt, Irons’ just didn’t have it easy. He revealed how he’d set up a personal deadline for himself—“make it by 30 or give up.” Luckily, his talent didn’t stay hidden for long, and we’re glad!

By 33, Irons performed bang-on breakout roles in TV and movies. Giving hits like Brideshead Revisited and The French Lieutenant’s Woman, he showcased a cool charisma, making fans and producers go gaga over him!

Irons’ story’s all about sticking it out. Despite the naysayers, he didn’t seem put out, and made a big name in Hollywood. The guy who was told he had the “wrong-shaped face” became a global star. Proud!

The Morning Show Season 4 Scores Big with Oscar Winner Jeremy Irons!

Jeremy Irons as Antonio
Jeremy Irons as Antonio in the film The Merchant of Venice | UK Film Council

Apple TV+ just scored a big-time win with their upcoming series, The Morning Show. Joining in on the stellar star cast, we’ve got Academy Award-winning actor Irons. He’s said to reprise the role of Alex Levy’s (Jennifer Aniston) father, Martin Levy (via Deadline). Father Levy will shed light on his daughter’s past, adding a new layer to her already complex personality. 

But mind you, Irons isn’t the only A-lister joining the show. French superstar Marion Cotillard will likely join too. However, Julianna Margulies won’t be back as Laura Peterson in the fourth season. Well, the wait for the next season feels like a fumble, but the show writers want to tackle current events with a fresh perspective. That said, The Morning Show Season 4 won’t hit streaming until after the 2024 US election (via Digital Spy)

Watch Jeremy Irons’ film Reversal of Fortune on Amazon Prime.