ANOTHER HEAT WAVE COMING!Oh dear! It’s just too hot outside again today, for me.
And I’m sure you would agree,
Being out in the midday sun
Really isn’t a lot of fun.

Can I take it, 108 degrees? When all is said and done?
Don’t tell me – a lot more days like this to come!
What shall I do? It’s a real dilemma.
Ah, I think I’ll fly to somewhere cooler.

But where to go? Well, somewhere North of here.
Nome, Alaska? That’s a bit too far, but a great idea!
Or up there in Canada with the polar bears, Hudson’s Bay?
Oh no! My passport expired, I’ll have to stay.

Not long ago, it seems, it was cold and it rained,
My golfing friends all complained.
Winter turned to summer overnight.
You know, that really doesn’t seem quite right!

But it’s a heat wave everywhere, they say on TV.
Every year it gets worse, it seems to me.
On TV Nature shows, Icebergs are melting and forests are burning.
(Better change the channel now, it’s so depressing).

Let’s blame it all on Global Warming,
But we were warned by experts who saw it coming.
However, all of us are in the same plight.
And, unfortunately, it doesn’t cool off much at night.

So turn on the air conditioner and get a fan, make it nice and breezy.
Drink lots of water, put up with the heat, be patient, it’s not easy.
But, you know, it could be worse, someday it will surely cool off again.
Mother Nature’s in charge, of course, not those old men in Washington.



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