Thursday, July 11, 2024

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Freedomverse partners with tat

Freedomverse, the pioneering Web3 builder behind the Freedom World application, proudly announces a strategic partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) under the campaign “Discover Thailand by Amazing Thailand x Freedom World.” This collaboration introduces the groundbreaking Freedom World mobile application, designed to enhance community-driven experiences using Web3 technology. The app enables interaction and sharing of information within the Discover Thailand community. Initially, it focuses on Koh Samui and its neighboring islands, Koh Phangan and Koh Tao, located in the Gulf of Thailand, with the aim of stimulating travel during the Green Season from July to October 2024. The ultimate goal is to position Thailand as a leading destination that seamlessly integrates technology with travel (Travel Tech).

By leveraging cutting-edge Web3 technology, the Freedom World application showcases the benefits of incorporating new tech to elevate the travel experience in Thailand. The app aims to facilitate and create a community for both domestic and international travelers. Available in Thai and English, it offers features such as push notifications to keep travelers updated with current events and promotions, interactive maps, gamified activities and missions with rewards, and community-building functionalities that allow members to chat, invite others, and connect with fellow travelers. Local merchants and businesses participating in the campaign can contribute by providing specially crafted experiences and interacting with community members.

Somradee ChitchongDeputy Governor for Domestic Marketing at TAT, said, “TAT aims to revitalize Thailand’s tourism industry in 2024 with a focus on quality and sustainable transformation. Our strategic goals include elevating the supply chain to emphasize quality and sustainability, improving tourism infrastructure to facilitate travel at every touchpoint, leveraging digital technology for sustainable growth, and effectively managing external risks. This partnership with the Freedom World application aligns with these goals and provides a digital platform that enhances travel experiences for the new generation of travelers.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to bring a new dimension of travel experiences through the Freedom World application,” said Didi Wimonpun WiboonmaChief Communications and Marketing Officer of Freedomverse. “As a leader in the Web 3 space in Thailand and globally, our mission is to make technology accessible and beneficial for everyone. This partnership in our home country perfectly aligns with our mission and commitment to co-creating and expanding the ecosystem, providing equal opportunities for small businesses and communities.”

This collaboration emphasizes Thailand’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology into travel and local businesses, showcasing the development of digital tools and promoting travel tech. The Discover Thailand campaign aims to involve over 50 local businesses during its initial launch, with plans to expand to other provinces in subsequent phases. This initiative will foster long-term relationships between business owners and tourists, reinforcing Thailand’s image as a destination for the new generation, especially digital nomads, and boosting tourism revenue to local communities, contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Freedomverse is committed to providing intuitive and easily adoptable technology that highlights diverse blockchain use cases. By pushing boundaries and reshaping perceptions, Freedomverse aims to showcase the potential of blockchain technology in various aspects of daily life. This partnership with the TAT reflects Freedomverse’s belief in co-creation, growing the ecosystem with a mindset of abundance, and providing an even playing field for small business operators.