Bette Midler opened up about the Hocus Pocus franchise and provided a brief update about the third movie.

The 78-year-old superstar first played Winifred Sanderson in the 1993 original movie. She reprised the role for a sequel in 2022.

Since then, there has been talk of continuing the franchise, with some updates in late 2023.

During a recent interview, Bette revealed what she knew. She also reflected on the original movie starting out as a bit of a “dud” that has grown into the mega-hit that it became.

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While on Busy This Week, Bette said that she is still waiting for a script for the new movie. She added that the team needed to pick up the pace!

“I haven’t seen the script, but I’ve heard rumblings. But I haven’t seen anything. I think if they’re gonna, they oughta,” she said. “Because time is not just marching. Time is barrel-assing to the finish line. Get us while we’re still breathing. I mean, god!”

She also reflected on the first movie, explaining that it was a “dud” at first. “As the years went on, it got more and more and more and more of an audience until it became a cult classic,” she added.

This was a thrilling revelation for her since she said that “It’s my favorite part that I’ve ever played.”

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