WATKINS, Colo. — Residents of a Watkins neighborhood feel a major racetrack being built nearby doesn’t belong in their agricultural community and are concerned about the noise it will generate.

When Lisa Tublet de Nermont’s family moved to Watkins more than a decade ago, they had two things in mind.

“We came out here for the peace and quiet,” she said.

Her backyard has rolling views of wheat fields, and you can easily make out Denver International Airport, too.

“But the planes come and go—they’re not constantly circling our house,” said Tublet de Nermont.

She and her neighbors have learned to live with that noise over the years, but a new potentially noisy neighbor poses another nuisance: a major racetrack proposed for the nearby lot.

“We went to some of the Adams County meetings and started protesting against it and trying to get them not to do it,” said Benjie Blase, who has lived nearby for 20 years.

The project application was handled two years ago and is moving forward despite the protests of the nearby neighbors.

Members-only racetrack moves forward with development east of Denver International Airport

The Ascent Drive Resort boasts a nearly four-mile road course, a 160-acre off-road park, and more than 750 garages. The private, members-only race track has annual dues that start at $7,500.

” I feel like it doesn’t belong here. I feel like you cannot come and buy agricultural land cheap and then turn it commercial. That, to me, is bad,” said Tablet de Nermont.

Adams County officials declined an interview but said they held a series of public hearings when the application was being considered. They say if any property owner in the county fails to comply with standards or regulations like noise, they could be issued violations.

“I get it. They want the revenue. I want growth, I understand, but it needs to be a controlled growth, not just let somebody come in here with millions of dollars and do what they want to do,” said Blase.

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