Tesla CEO Elon Musk has reiterated that FSD V12.5.x will feature a combined Full Self Driving stack for inner city and highway driving. Such an update is expected to result in a smoother driving experience for Teslas running FSD (Supervised). It also bodes well for the Cybertruck’s upcoming FSD capabilities. 

Tesla has started the rollout of FSD V12.4.3 to more users, and feedback has mostly been a bit mixed. Some users such as longtime FSD Beta tester @WholeMarsBlog observed on social media platform X that FSD V12.4.3 still tends to ping-pong within the lane during highway driving. 

Musk seemed to acknowledge the issue, though he also hinted at upcoming improvements to FSD’s highway performance. “12.5.x will finally combine the city and highway software stacks,” Musk wrote. 

This is not the first time that Elon Musk mentioned a single FSD stack for both inner city and highway driving.  Back in May, Musk estimated that FSD V12.5 should be out in late June, and the update should see some notable improvements. 

“12.5 will be out in late June. Will also see a major improvement in mpi and is single stack – no more implicit stack on highways,” Musk wrote then. 

Interestingly enough, Musk also confirmed at the time that the Tesla Cybertruck, which is still yet to receive Autopilot or FSD, will be receiving Full Self Driving with the advanced driver assist system’s V12.5 update. Musk did not reiterate this estimate in his recent post on X, though such an update would most definitely be appreciated by Cybertruck owners. 

As observed by industry watchers, previous versions of FSD featured a dual stack system that used Tesla’s legacy Autopilot stack for highway driving and FSD for city streets. FSD V11 unified the stacks, though Tesla started using separate software decision making processes for highway and city driving later on. With V12.5 using a single stack approach once more, FSD may start operating even better than before. 

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