11 July 2024, 08:22

Steve Carell has revealed which Office scene made him laugh
Steve Carell has revealed which Office scene made him laugh.


Comedic legend Steve Carell isn’t shy from ‘breaking’ on set, especially if he’s playing Michael Scott…

Steve Carell has revealed which moment from The Office made the cast laugh the most- and it might not be the one you think…

Known for iconic roles in Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin, and of course, The Office, Steve has become one of our favourite comedy actors of all time. But with such strong acting chops, it takes a lot for the 61-year-old to break character. However on occasion, he has let the hilarity get the better of him.

While many of us assume the iconic TV folding scene or Scott’s Tots are two of the funniest moments in The Office, Michael Scott actor Steve has opened up about which cut made people giggle on set.

Speaking on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden to promote his new movie Despicable Me 4, the 61-year-old star opened up about the one scene that caused the cast and crew to break out into laughter.

Steve Carell has spoken about the funniest Office scene
Steve Carell has spoken about the funniest Office scene.


Steve recalled: “There was a scene in The Office where I was playing Santa Claus and the character of Kevin, who is quite a large character, sat on Santa’s lap so we played it for laughs and a lot of the people in that scene had to leave.”

However there was another iconic moment from a different film which set the actor off, with Steve stating: “Also the chest waxing scene in 40 Year Old Virgin, that was sort of a struggle to get through in many ways.”

Steve Carell played Michael Scott in The Office
Steve Carell played Michael Scott in The Office.


He also opened about about his time alongside Paul Rudd in Anchorman, stating that they: “Laughed until we cried every day filming.”

One movie which is sure to cause laughter in the cinema is Despicable Me 4 which sees Steve return as Gru once again.

Chatting about the new film and his iconic character who is developing as a father, Steve said: “I think he’s a good dad. I think all he cares about is his kids.

“From the beginning he’s been a character who’s been fighting desperately against his own goodness, he wants to be a horrible person but he’s not naturally.”

Steve Carell plays Gru in the Despicable Me franchise
Steve Carell plays Gru in the Despicable Me franchise.


When asked whether he thought the Despicable Me franchise would turn into the phenomenon it’s become, Steve revealed: “We thought it was good, we thought it was fun. I like the first one because it was a little dark, a little edgy for kids, and I like that. It wasn’t condescending towards children and I thought it was something the whole family could enjoy.

“The writers’ really try and make it human, which is interesting in animated film. Like they try and make these character’s human and accessible and funny, and of course the Minions have grown into this enormous thing.”