SACRAMENTO — Police are searching for two missing children who have not been seen since their mother was found dead in a north Sacramento home.

The Sacramento Police Department believes the kids are with their father, Camron Lee, who has not talked with investigators since 28-year-old Angelica Bravo’s death.

“We want Mateo and Athena back,” Cecilia Spencer, Bravo’s sister, said of the two children. “That’s just what we need right now.”

A family is in shambles as investigators search for Mateo Lee, 2, and Athena Lee, 4.

“I am feeling devastated, shattered,” Dawn Bodea, Bravo’s mother, said.

From left: Athena Lee, 4, and Mateo Lee, 2

Sacramento Police Department

Bodea said her grandbabies have not been seen since her daughter was found dead in a home on Didcot Circle. That house was surrounded by candles, flowers and people asking questions about where Bravo’s two youngest children are.

“I think anyone who is a parent here can probably say we are a little concerned,” said Officer Anthony Gamble with the Sacramento Police Department.

Investigators believe Lee took off with the children but they are not calling him a suspect at this point in the investigation into Bravo’s death.

“We don’t know where he is. We haven’t been able to get in touch with him and those kids,” Gamble said. “We don’t know where the kids are.”

They do have a clue about where the car they believe Lee was driving could be.

The 2023 Honda Passport that police said was a loaner vehicle from a dealership was caught on camera crossing the border into Mexico. It is unclear if he and the kids were inside.

“It’s really frustrating because that’s what we thought from the beginning that he was probably heading to Mexico because we knew (Lee) had ties in Mexico,” Bodea said.

Police said that because the car crossed into Mexico, putting out an Amber Alert is out of the question.

“I did know that they did have a tumultuous relationship in the past,” Bodea said. “I know they are both passionate and stubborn people.”

We are told the parent’s relationship was rocky, but Bravo’s family never imagined this.

“He was always very generous, took care of the kids and was always trying to do right,” Bodea said.

We spoke with Bravo’s little brother, sister and oldest daughter, who had a different father than her two younger siblings.

“She was an angel. She was just everything you could think of,” said Gilbert Bravo, Amgelica’s brother.

“No one could ever love me like she did or I could never love anyone like I did to my mom,” said Nathalia Bravo, Angelica’s 12-year-old daughter.

Police are calling this a death investigation, and not a homicide at this point, but their focus is finding the two children.

“Just praying to be on the lookout for my little grandbabies,” Bodea said.

Relatives of Angelica Bravo told CBS Sacramento that the mother’s children were her whole world. She was also a hairdresser who was very passionate about her work and just got a great new opportunity in her career.

The family held a vigil for Bravo at the MIXED Institute of Cosmetology and Barber, where Bravo was an educator. She came to the school as a student and was hired a few months ago to teach. Her fellow teacher told CBS13 that she “loved giving back to the students.” 

“She’s a beautiful young talented lady. She was full of hope. She was very helpful,” said Juliet Fregoso, a teacher at MIXED.

Vigil held for mom found dead in north Sacramento home

Bravo’s students made signs for the vigil that hung in the window while Bravo’s family and friends spoke about her life. The vigil included calls to action for Bravo’s children to be returned home, safely.

“Pray that we get those two beautiful kids back home safely,” said Robert Brown, CEO of MIXED. 

Anyone with any information on the children or father’s whereabouts is asked to contact the Sacramento Police Department.