Two Vietnamese nationals have been arrested for allegedly stealing two bicycles in Tokyo, investigators said Thursday, in what is believed to be a larger operation involving the theft of some 70 bikes from the capital.

Suspects Vu Quang Quyen, 33, and Bui Duy Cong, 31, were arrested by Tokyo police on suspicion of stealing two cross bikes valued at around 80,000 yen ($500). Investigators believe the pair entered Japan repeatedly from October to steal bicycles, disassemble them into parts and take them to Vietnam.

Photo taken at a police station in Tokyo on July 11, 2024, shows three bikes confiscated in relation to the arrest of two Vietnamese nationals over the theft of bicycles. (Kyodo)

The suspects have admitted to the allegations relating to the arrest, investigators said. They told police the bikes are popular and sell for high prices in Vietnam, and that the prevalence of parked bicycles in Japan made them easy to steal.

The two are suspected of stealing two bikes belonging to a 34-year-old man from the grounds of a residence in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward at around 4 a.m. on July 2.