A man is in jail after deputies say they caught him stealing copper wire from a power line near Bird Creek Bridge.

The deputy says there were two men, but one got away.

People stealing copper can be electrocuted, start a fire, and knock out power to people who need it.

A deputy on patrol saw the wire on a utility pole was pulled down and tied to the hitch of Kenneth Sanders’ truck and she immediately knew what was happening.

“She, you know, draws her weapon and orders them to stop, she’s able to take the driver and the owner of the truck into custody, he’s a 61-year-old man,” Casey Roebuck with TCSO said.

They say that man is Kenneth Sanders. Records show a warrant was issued for him last month for failing to show up to court for a bogus check case. He also has convictions for drugs, assault and battery, and two previous DUI’s. 

“He said he was in need of some cash,” said Roebuck.

But the other man got away and ran into the woods.

“We have identified him, we’re still looking for him at this point but we know who he is so we’ll find him eventually,” said Roebuck.

Deputies say the two men damaged 265 feet of copper wire.

Deputies say Copper thefts continue to be a huge problem all over Green Country.

“At the end of the day, they’re able to sell this a lot of times to recycling plants that don’t care where they came from. Where there is a demand there is going to be criminal element that comes in and takes advantage of this,” said Roebuck.