Amazon’s warehouse and delivery workers in India alleged inhuman practices at its facilities. Four out of five warehouse workers reported that their work targets are ‘very difficult’ to achieve while some even alleged that they are not being allowed enough time to take restroom breaks or financial assistance for work-related injuries. The survey conducted by UNI Global Union in partnership with the Amazon India Workers Association (AIWA) had 1,838 participants who alleged dire working conditions at Amazon’s facilities in India.

A man inspects trucks before they enter an Amazon storage facility on the outskirts of Mumbai, India.(Reuters)

Of the total participants, 21.3 per cent of the workers and delivery executives said that they faced ‘unsafe’ working conditions.

No restroom breaks

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Almost 86 per cent warehouse workers and 28 per cent of drivers alleged that the restroom breaks given to them by Amazon were inadequate. One of the workers said, “Feedback for being late is given when you take more than 10 minutes in the washroom.”

High work pressure

A former warehouse worker said, “My feet hurt a lot after work for 10 hours standing” while another alleged that the work pressure is so high that the staff does not even get the chance to talk to each other. A delivery person said, “I had an accident and no one helped me. I spent all my money.”

Not enough salaries

The workers said that their low salaries barely match the cost of living and basic needs as around 46.4 per cent of warehouse workers said that their salaries were not enough while 52.9 per cent said that it was just enough to meet their basic needs.

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