Aim for the top!

-Update on the expiration date for Selection Packs:
The Selection Packs introduced last month, Lord of Dimensions and Victory in Progress, will expire 24 hours earlier than previously announced (from August 9th to August 8th, time zones applying).

-New Secret Pack: A Warrior of Seething Anger

“”Kashtira Arise-Heart” engulfed the beasts’ planet with rage, turning it crimson. Next, he encounters an embodiment of pure anger – one who seeks to defy destiny and become the true “Visas.” And so, the man at the center of it unleashes a punch with his starlight-imbued arm. After much destruction and loss, one will be victorious, and the other, annihilated. With this, an inevitable fate draws even closer.”

UR (8/40):

SR (10/40):

R (11/40):

N (11/40):

This pack will be unlocked until August 8th (time zones applying), and until then, you can obtain 1 pack for free.

-Updated Secret Pack:
The Secret Pack Souls of Sublime Gods has been updated with the following cards:

Sakitama (UR)
Tsumuha-Kutsunagi the Lord of Swords (UR)
Yata-Garasu (UR)

Shirobaron Shade Peacock (SR)
Shirobaroness Shade Peacock (SR)

Stars Align across the Milky Way (SR)

Dual Avatar – Manifested A-Un (SR)

Stars Align Above the Shrine (R) (introduced with this update)

-Master Pack update:
With the addition of the following cards from the Legacy Pack into these Secret Packs, they are also getting included in the Master Pack.

Stars Align across the Milky Way (SR)

Gate Guardian (R)
Kazejin (R)
Sanga of the Thunder (R)
Suijin (R)

Wall Shadow (N)

Labyrinth Wall (N)
Magical Labyrinth (N)

-New Accessories:
–Mate: Scareclaw Light-Heart

“A being that helps a man on a journey to reclaim his true self. Although it should have disappeared, it appeared once again, perhaps because the man’s sense of self was still incomplete.”
Price: 300 gems

–Duel Field: Pressured Planet Wraitsoth

“A Duel Field in a once-green world dyed red by a red celestial body and the invaders hailing from it. The planet’s color is now one of rage, reflecting how the vast natural environment has been mechanized by the invaders.”
Price: 600 gems

–Protector: Yubel – The Loving Defender Forever

“A Protector depicting the fourth form of “Yubel”. For those who protect the eternal love that envelops the world.”
Price: 100 gems

–Icon: Super Polymerization

“An Icon depicting a supreme power which surpasses “Polymerization”. In pursuit of complete victory, one must unleash ultimate power and become absolutely invincible.”
Price: 50 gems

-New Selection Pack: Xyz Explosion

“Combine your forces to Xyz Summon! Unaffected by other cards’ effects, “Raidraptor – Ultimate Falcon” is nigh-on invincible while “Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Juggernaut Liebe” boasts outstanding ATK, and “Number F0: Utopic Draco Future” offers a tactical turnabout in a single card. All of these powerful Xyz Monsters can be yorus! There are also cards well suited for Xyz strategies like “Time Thief” that can even claim cards from your opponent’s Deck, and “Generaider, that dominates with absolute strength. Add a new dimension of explosive power to your Deck and aim for the pinnacle of Dueling!”

UR (13/85):

SR (22/85):

R (25/85):

N (25/85):

New Selection Pack: Eternal Partners

“The ultimate love that binds darkness! Support cards for “Yubel” such as “Yubel – The Loving Defender Forever” are now available! And born out of the strong emotional connection of the “Emblema Oath” comes “Centur-Ion Legatia”! In addition, “Majespecter” have gained new strength through “Majespecter Draco – Ryu” and others, and an extraordinary trump card has arrive in the form of “Super Starslayer TY-PHON – Sky Crisis”! A solemn vow is eternal, never to be broken!”

UR (13/85):

SR (22/85):

R (25/85):

N (25/85):

Furthermore, the following cards have been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:
The Immortal Bushi Mourns the Mortal Body (UR)

Card Scanner (SR)

Seed-Spitting Saplings (R)