With heatwaves, tornado watches, thunderstorms, and more hitting Central New York this summer, there’s a question hanging over everyone’s head — what’s it going to be like Sunday for the Boilermaker Road Race?

Meteorologist Brian Tentinger at the Binghamton National Weather Service said dewpoint is looking to be in the 60s and temperatures in the upper 80s come Sunday.

“It’s going to be hot, but with what we’re looking at right now for the Utica, it’s below 90 for highs that day,” he said. “It won’t be an extreme heat, but if you’re outside, you’ll see plenty of sun — a typical summer day.”

Tentinger said this won’t be an extreme heat like the recent heatwave, but urged people to be mindful and drink plenty of water, take plenty of rests, and find shade when needed.

Hurricane Beryl has been bringing strong winds and a low-pressure system to New York and Pennsylvania, and Tentinger said the Mohawk Valley has a potential for heavy rain in the lead up to the weekend.

The Boilermaker will have 18 water stations and 34 medical stations spread out along the course.

For a map of the course with aid stations listed, visit the Boilermaker’s official website for more information.