BTS member Kim Seokjin aka Jin, recently revealed that he got into a bad spat with a fellow soldier during his military service. ‘The Astronaut’ hitmaker said that he lost his temper with a junior who refused to be repentant even after committing a mistake. In an interview with Weverse Magazine, the singer admitted that he lost his cool after a subordinate in the army refused to apologise and own up to his mistake.

“One soldier did something wrong but kept joking around and saying, ‘I’ll figure it out myself, sir’ and I told him, ‘It’s okay if you make mistakes. It’s not like I know everything. I make mistakes, too. But if a senior soldier tells you to do something, you have to at least pretend to listen. You can’t keep goofing around like that. I get it—everyone’s different. But you at least have to figure out why you made that mistake. I’ll tell you how to do it one more time, so don’t mess around anymore, ” he told the magazine.

He also recounted some happy memories during his military service. The ‘Epiphany’ singer revealed that he had earned the title of ‘God’ as he often treated colleagues and subordinates to food! The singer said that a lot of soldiers were 19-year-olds who never had a job before, while he was among the more prosperous members of the army. So, he often treated his friends and acquaintances to meals.

“A lot of them were just turning 19 and never even had a job before, but I’m a lot more financially stable, so I’d say, ‘You gotta eat well to stay healthy. Come on, I’ll treat you,’ and pay for their food. I bought them so much fried chicken, jokbal, and pizza, that later on they got sick of them. I even took people from other barracks out to have a barbecue. That made people in my squad call me a god, not to brag. As soon as they saw me, they’d say, ‘Worship him,” he revealed jovially.

Jin also stated that the entire barrack cried when he was discharged.

Jin, who is the eldest member and the visual of the K-pop boyband BTS, was discharged from the army in June this year. Other members – Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Namjoon, Suga, and J-Hope, who are currently serving in the army, took a day off to meet their eldest member.

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