Hoda Kotb is marching into her 60s with a wonderful outlook on life. The Today star will mark her milestone birthday on August 9 — and she can’t wait. 

Talking to Today.com ahead of her big day, Hoda said: “I feel like I’m a better version, or more myself, each year I grow older.

She continued: “I think a lot of times we spend our time pretending — being someone we’re not. After a while you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m me. God made me this way.’”

Hoda has been open about being “blessed” later in life and adopted her first child, Haley, at the age of 52.

Two years later she adopted her second daughter, Hope.

Loved her 50s

“My 50s were my best,” Hoda added. “I imagine, because my 50s were my best, that my 60s will be even better than that.”

Hoda says she feels blessed to be turning 60

The adored TV personality admitted: “Blessings come when they come. You don’t get the choice,” before elaborating: “In my 50s, I got my children, I got the job I dreamt of, I found out who I was myself. Finally, I feel like I’m 100% me.”

Not that she’s done with carving out new paths. 

Hoda shares her children with her ex Joel

Giving back

“I just want to be of service,” Hoda said. “The first part of your life is about learning, the second part of your life’s about earning and the third part is about service and giving back.

“I feel like this is an important time that’s coming for me.”

Hoda is thankful for her career and her personal life

And not just for her either. Hoda flagged that she’s not the only celebrity in the 60 club this year. She said she’s in “great company” along with the likes of Mariska Hargitay, Brooke Shields, and Sandra Bullock who already hit the milestone or will in the next year. 

“This is a great graduating class, and I’m happy to be part of it,” she quipped.

Making Space

Hoda’s podcast, Making Space, has also reached an impressive chapter. 

On July 10, it celebrated its 50th guest, country music star Lainey Wilson. 

Lainey was Hoda’s 50th guest on her podcast

And Hoda says she has high hopes for her next 50 dream guests. 

Her dream guests

She’d love to sit down with Sandra Bullock who inspired Hoda to adopt.

Hoda says Sandra inspired her to adopt her children

“I’ve admired her, and she so shaped the pathway of my life,” she explained. “I feel like I adopted my kids because I saw that it was possible through her at our same age, and I realized, ‘Wow, it can be done.’

“I feel like we would have an instant, beautiful conversation.”

Hoda would like to interview Princess Kate

Hoda also has British royalty in her sights and said Princess Kate would be incredible to have on. 

“I think she’s amazing,” Hoda shared.

Hoda with her mom and children

“I’ve always thought about her because I feel like she’s full of goodness and grace. You watch how she’s even handling this chapter of her life and how she’s doing it her way.”