A number of people were injured by an explosion at a gas refuelling station this afternoon, in Doem Bang Nang Boat District of Suphan Buri province.

Firefighters took two hours to get the ensuing fire even partially under control. Continuous explosions can still be heard as they spray water onto the blaze.

Several people received burns and have been taken to hospital, but police say that it has not yet been confirmed whether there are any fatalities.

The gas refuelling station is located near a petrol station and is not far from residential areas.

Officials at the Suphan Buri Samoekan Rescue Foundation told reporters that they received an emergency call at 1.30pm.

A witness says that the fire started in the leaking valve of a gas tanker. The truck was carrying five tonnes of gas, which sparks ignited, causing the tanker to explode.

The gas tanker driver suffered serious burns and has been rushed to hospital. 

The truck was completely destroyed in the blast.