Radio Cloud Radio.Cloud Broadcast AutomationRadio’s mission of serving the community, especially during times of crisis was on full display in Houston this week after Hurricane Beryl.

“We just had a hurricane go straight through Houston. My family is actually still without power (it’s over 90 degrees inside our house),” said Hispanic Broadcasting Owner Matt Velasquez. “Our office building is also still without power. I believe 1.3 million still don’t have power here. However, we never lost power at the transmitter site, and we were one of two news/talk stations in Houston to never go off air. A big help to that is definitely Radio.Cloud being at the transmitter site.”

Velasquez’s station Patriot Talk 920 (KYST-AM) embraces Radio.Cloud’s model of keeping all equipment at the transmitter site. In this case, it kept the station on air during Hurricane Beryl to inform the community.

“Our thoughts are with everyone affected in Houston and the surrounding communities,” Radio.Cloud account director Andrew Scaglione said. “I’m glad that our approach of empowering stations to reduce their hardware footprint, while still having access to all content in a web browser and playout at the transmitter site, helped our client Matt and Patriot Talk 920 stay on air to serve their listeners in this time of need.”

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