“Made in Korea: The K-Pop Experience” has been snapped up by the BBC for U.K. audiences.

The six-part series will follow five U.K. contestants as they’re flown to South Korea and put through a rigorous 100-day K-pop training course in the hope of emerging as the world’s biggest new boy band.

“Cameras go behind closed doors at SM Entertainment for the first time to witness the band working with the world’s greatest choreographers, singing songs from the best songwriters, and being tutored by some of the most revered experts in the K-pop business,” reads the logline.

The boys will be immersed in Korean life and K-pop culture as well as have intense lessons in choreography, voice and performance. They’ll also be offered life coaching techniques.

Meanwhile K-pop mogul Hee Jun Yoon, who has overseen some of the country’s biggest bands over the past two decades, will be on hand to oversee and critique the lads’ efforts.

The series is created by Moon&Back Media, who have worked on “The X Factor” and with bands including One Direction, in collaboration with K-pop talent powerhouse SM Entertainment & Kakao Entertainment America.

“This unique acquisition will showcase a sense of exactly what it takes to make it in the world of K-pop,” said Kalpna Patel-Knight, head of entertainment at the BBC. “Witnessing the band come together and be put through their paces promises to be a very exciting prospect for audiences.”

Nigel Hall, co-founder of Moon&Back Media said: “‘Made in Korea: The K-Pop Experience’ combines best in class from both K-pop and global entertainment production worlds. Forming a British boy band, schooling them through the unrivalled rigours of the K-pop process, and launching them on the global stage is creating both a world first and unmissable television.”

The show will launch on BBC One and iPlayer this summer. ITV Studios is repping international distribution for both the format and the show.