Guardsquare, the mobile application security provider, today announced the company’s award-winning free mobile application security testing (MAST) product, AppSweep, is now available in an enterprise version to help organizations scale their ability to find and address security risks across multiple teams working at different stages of mobile app builds. AppSweep Enterprise facilitates access across teams, compliance with IT security policies and seamlessly integrates with existing tools and systems.

Now available in both free and paid versions, Guardsquare’s introduction of AppSweep Enterprise provides organizations with the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing business tools and processes while also scaling to meet the needs of growing teams. With this latest release, organizations can now:

  • Manage team permissions and roles with fine tuned access controls that can be customized
  • Unified, secure login experience for all team members with seamless single sign-on (SSO)
  • Easily integrate detailed findings with existing tools through extended command line interface (CLI)
  • AppSweep helps developers quickly find and – with the actionable recommendations within the product – solve security issues in Android and iOS app code and dependencies, based on security standards such as OWASP MASVS.
  • Built for mobile, AppSweep automates the testing of mobile apps leveraging different analysis techniques to obtain relevant, actionable findings about an app’s code through static analysis (SAST) and dynamic analysis (DAST/IAST) at runtime.

AppSweep is now available in both free and Enterprise versions.

“I am proud of the ongoing evolution of AppSweep as we continue our quest to make mobile app security testing accessible to organizations of all sizes – now in both free and paid versions,” said Roel Caers, CEO of Guardsquare.

“AppSweep has become our go-to mobile applications security testing tool, with its low rate of false positives and actionable advice to avoid security issues,” says a leading financial services provider.

“We leverage AppSweep’s automation capabilities to routinely trigger security scans without burdening the DevSecOps team, resulting in the most secure mobile experience for our customers.”