U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday published a letter he sent to Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill in which he insisted he would be staying in the 2024 presidential election. During an ABC News interview that aired on Friday, Biden also insisted only God Himself could convince him to step out of the race. But over the weekend, several Democratic lawmakers called for Biden to withdraw from the race, according to media reports. Democrats have acknowledged that Biden had a disastrous performance against former President Donald Trump in their recent presidential debate late last month.

Did Biden say in this letter why he was staying in the race? The party’s voter base had nominated him as their pick for president and party leaders and donors shouldn’t override that decision, he said. He also wouldn’t be running if he didn’t believe he was the best person to beat Trump, he added, and he insisted that he would beat Trump.

What has Trump said about Biden continuing in the race? Trump’s campaign published a statement urging Biden to remain in the race. Biden should continue performing on the campaign trail the way he did in the debate, the statement added.

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