When it comes to The Boys I’d be more concerned if I didn’t hear any stories from the cast about scenes which made them cry out in terror.

Every time it comes out that a member of the cast had that kind of reaction a scene they filmed, it becomes the next obvious question… which one?

That is the exact question we all had when Laz Alonso, who plays Mother’s Milk in the show (MM), admitted last year that one particular scene had made him cry out in terror.

He said: “First time in my life, not on this show, in my life, where I broke character and screamed.

The average reaction to any given scene from The Boys. (Prime Video)

The average reaction to any given scene from The Boys. (Prime Video)

“It caught me so off guard… I was out of character at that point and I’m like, ‘You guys aren’t gonna use this take right?’ and nobody yelled cut, so I had to get back in character and keep going and it was f**ked up.”

In a recent podcast appearance, however, Alonso has revealed which scene elicited such a crazy reaction from him.

The podcast ‘The Ringer-Verse’ called up the MM’s actor, and asked him for a reaction to a scene involving a character called ‘Web-Weaver’ in the newest episode of The Boys.

Alonso's face in the scene in question. (Prime Video)

Alonso’s face in the scene in question. (Prime Video)

He said: “I have shot a lot of disgusting things as you know on our show, that’s the only scene in my entire career… that’s the only scene that I’ve broken character and screamed.

“Out of protection to the other actor I’m not going to tell you what happened during the scene that made me break character and literally scream in utter fear and apologise profusely to that man. Literally for like an hour straight.”

The scene in question featuring Alonso’s character and Web-Weaver involved MM inserting drugs directly into Web-Weaver’s a***hole.

Some gets on MM's face. Gross. (Prime Video)

Some gets on MM’s face. Gross. (Prime Video)

This then leads to Web-Weaver, a bizarre Spider-Man parody that shoots webs out his a*s like a real spider, shooting a web directly into MM’s face.

Again, if he didn’t scream filming that, I don’t know what would get him honestly.

Alonso would go on to discuss his character more seriously with the podcast, saying he actually lost weight for the role this season.

This was done to add to the idea that MM’s is constantly stressed out by now being in the role as the leader of The Boys in the absence of Butcher.

When asked by the podcast about his weight loss and lack of beard leading some fans to joke that he had been recast, Alonso said: “No, not at all, what bothers me is I didn’t know I was that ugly without a beard!”