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Should you correct someone who says your name wrong?

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What’s in a name? That can be a loaded question.

To talk names, “Live In The D” host Tati Amare and guest host Amanda Sweet were joined by comedian Mike Bonner and AJ Williams with “The Michigan Chronicle”.

First, Tati asked the group when it comes to names, should you ask someone how to pronounce their name if you don’t know how to say it? Mike and AJ both said “Yes!” AJ explained that she will ask people to repeat their names to her to make sure she says them correctly as a sign of respect. AJ also revealed that her name is actually a nickname because she said her real name is somewhat difficult to pronounce.

Next, the group talked about correcting someone who pronounces your name incorrectly or calls you by the wrong name. Tati said she’s not going to correct someone who is older than her. Mike joked that he gets called Morris Chestnut a lot.

The conversation moved to when you should be on a first name basis with someone. Mike shared that he doesn’t want young people to call him Mike, but to instead call him Mr. Bonner or Mr. Mike. This was the approach he used growing up himself. AJ thinks you should lean into what people want to be called. She also said you should give people grace when it comes to saying your name.

Watch the video above to hear the rest of the group’s conversation, including what had them cracking up in the studio.

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