Earlier today we got confirmation of what we knew what was coming. Dan Hurley got a 6-year $50 million extension from UConn. Not bad! Not bad at all! Also makes you laugh at how bad the Lakers reported offer was when you break it all down. If you want a guy, you gotta make a real offer. 

That’s not the story though. The story is what Dan Hurley thinks he can do. 

That’s right. The man who went back-to-back is regarded as the best coach in all of basketball right now think he’s better at coaching football. Time to make it happen. Give him an extra $20 million or something and put him in charge of UConn’s football team for a year. He admits he’s a lunatic. He’d embrace football guy right away. I mean, good news is he already has a job offer: 

Look, all I’m saying is if Dan Hurley can go from high school coach to Wagner to URI to this, he can do it as UNLV assistant coach to his Bengals. We can’t rule this out right now. That’s basically where I am with Dan Hurley. I just have blind trust he’s going to figure out whatever the hell he’s coaching. Really hate it’s UConn again, but here we are.